Monday, 19 May 2014

Guernsey International Poetry Competition winners

Congratulations to Lewis Robin (1st place) and Marcus Buchanan (2nd place) together with Jack Colley, Reuben Mellors and Bradley Norman (highly commended) for their success in the inaugural Guernsey International Poetry competition.

Because of the nature of competitions, I haven't been posting poems this year (poems are ineligible for prizes if they've been previously published anywhere) - it's also been a nightmarish year in terms of administration in other areas of school. But I'm pleased to say that there's still quite a bit of poetry writing happening around College and hopefully around the rest of the island too. I believe that we've got a better shot in the Foyle (arguably Britain's biggest junior competition) than in a long while. I'm also looking at expanding and focusing what we do in terms of short fiction to make up for the shortfall of poetry in the meantime. Before we get to that though, here are those winning poems:


It seems that
I must have
Lost it

That item
You most loved
It’s gone now
It won’t be found

So now
You cannot have it
It was nice
But now it is lost

Keep this note

by Lewis Robin


As I sit here
On the bus,
Two people in front
Decide to discuss,
Talking of what they dislike.

‘I hate that feeling
That you’re being followed,
When someone refrains
From returning what’s borrowed.
That’s what I dislike.’

‘When you’re getting ready
And you have no clean tops,
When talking to someone
And someone else eavesdrops.
That’s what I dislike.’

So me being me,
I feel I agree,
Lean forward and whisper in ear.
‘Quite right, good stranger, quite right,

That’s what I dislike.’

by Marcus Buchanan