Wednesday, 22 May 2013

Winners in Love

They say that if you're lucky in life, you tend to be unlucky in love, but what do they know anyway?

The following pupils have been garlanded in the recent competition on the theme of 'Love':


1st: Alisha Flouquet (Blanchelande, Year 8) - 'Let Me Be Your Coat' - £40

2nd: Ellie Le Messurier (Grammar School, Year 13) - 'Love' - £20

3rd: Joshua Datta (Elizabeth College, Year 11) - 'Future Imperfect' - £20

Commended - £10 each

- Joanna Gouveia Almieda (St Sampson's High, Y7) - 'Love'

- David Boucher (Elizabeth College, Year 11) - 'Death and Life'

- Peter Bourne (Elizabeth College, Year 11) – ‘Our Love Will Last Forever’

- Beth Brown (La Mare De Carteret High, Y11) - 'Vines'

- Jack Colley (Elizabeth College, Y10) - 'Burning Love'

- Emily McLaughlin (Blanchelande, Y9) - 'Time to Make a New Beginning'

- Oliver Thompson (Elizabeth College, Y13) - 'Midnight'

Well done to everyone who entered. All the poems above are on the site along with the rest of the shortlist - use the links on the right hand side of the page to find your poet. Thanks to the GP for another great article - I'll get a scan of it up in the next couple of days.