Monday, 25 March 2013

Our 'love' will last forever

My feelings for you are the weightlessness
of falling through a sky of chocolates, clichéd cards
and puppy dogs wrapped in ribbon, tumbling down
through ages of romantic gestures to land on a bed of roses.
So you tell me. So I believed. So go the fairytales.
Even now I feel the keen thorns of the rose
tearing my side as you once more make these promises of eternity.
Promises you can’t keep – that I wish you’d keep to yourself.
It’s obvious then, everything has to end.
I feel nothing for you but disgust and contempt.
Our time is long gone, on that I shan’t bend.
So why do I linger on this love that is dead?
It’s those promises that trap me with red, passionate ties
in a relationship built on the most widely believed lies.

by Peter Bourne