Monday, 25 March 2013


I drove you away, it’s all my fault -
my heart yearns and aches for your attention.
You're the glory in my eyes, though you bought my life to a halt.
If I see you, my heart tightens up, a certain tension.
You talked to other women, you broke my heart.
But when we shared each other’s company, I will always remember.
When our love entwines it forms a kind of art.
My fondest memory was from mid November -
We shared hot chocolates and stayed close to keep warm
as delicate flakes of snow fell outside my window
We'd go for long romantic autumn walks at the break of dawn
as the sun came over the horizon mixing with the snow, it formed a rainbow
I want you to know one last thing before we part our ways -
you meant and still mean the world to me, I love you.
At the start it was a sunny day dream daze
but in my heart you were true.
I still very much love you.

by Sophie Creed