Monday, 25 March 2013

Love / Beginnings competition

Entry into the Love / Beginnings poetry competition is now closed. We've had more than 100 entries from across the island's secondary schools from Years 7 all the way through to Year 13. In particular, we've seen a lot more interest from those in the busy GCSE years: that's terrific news as it shows that it doesn't all have to be mind-grinding exams at this stage of the year. In general, we've had hugely more entries on the theme of Love as opposed to Beginnings (although we did have a few cheeky efforts on the 'beginnings' of 'love' from a few wily competitors hedging their bets for a share in both sets of cheques!). Because of this, we're going to pick the best poems across either of the themes rather than having a strict number of awards per theme.

An independent panel at the Guernsey Press is currently blind-testing the poems (that just means that they don't see the names of the authors or their associated schools; evidently, it would be quite hard to read the poems actually blind-folded). Because of the fact that the judging is ongoing over the next week or two, I'm not posting the poems as yet. I'm also yet to post some of the other excellent poems I've seen over the last few weeks. The reason for this latter omission is not due to any overall strategy other than the fact that I've been a bit lazy. Apologies to those with poems to ready to publish - they're coming soon!

Once the comp's all done and dusted, we'll begin marching towards what will hopefully be a printed edition of some of our best poems from across the last year or two. I'm also keen to get another comp up-and-running over the summer period and the wonderful Candy Neubert (Guernsey-born poet and Bridport Prize judge) should be making a return in June to work one-to-one with some of the island's best poetic prospects. More on those two opportunities (and an exciting short story comp) when I have it! Have a great Easter until then...