Monday, 25 March 2013

Imagination and Reality

We imagine love as innocent beauty,
One without the other.
We imagine love as the original,
The original star-crossed lovers.

The love we hear in stories,
Is something we think as true.
In tales of courageous knights
And princesses of perfection.

Love is but the opposite,
Tears of woe; unworthy.
There is no such thing as brave knights, so bold.
The thing you hear in stories, untrue.

Reality is cruel.
So we think imaginary.
But no matter what we do,
The world will always win.

You have found your other pair.
You love is strong and tough.
Undressing your love for each other,
For one add one makes three.

You’re a mother,
He’s the father.
It’s a girl!
You think YOLO, he thought YOYO, S.

YOYO, S, you’re on your own, sorry.
You sit in the corner, a mother
on her own.
You understand the pain in hearts,
The pain you didn’t think you’d ever have.

So when your lover gives you lemons,
Which they always will,
Take them and make orange juice.
Leave them to wonder how you did it.

By Jessica Ellis