Monday, 25 March 2013


After Khalvati

If I am the paper and you the fire, then burn me.
If I am the boat and you the sea, then anchor me.

If I am the seed and you the ground, let us grow
together, and become flourished forever.

If you’re the kite and I’m the wind, let us fly through
life as if it was the sky.

If I am the dog and you the bone, then bury me.
If I am the bacon and you the pan, let us sizzle.

If I am the flour and you the yeast, let us make
If I am the music and you the rhythm, let us

If I am the bee and you the pollen, let us make
If am the light and you the house, let us
shine bright.

If I am the bull and you the matador, let us fight.
If I am the cat and you the string, let us play.

If I am the horse and you the hound, let us hunt.
If I am the love and the heart, let us beat...

by Sofia Forino