Monday, 25 March 2013

Future Imperfect

Drown me in drink ‘cause I want to forget.
‘Cause I can’t don’t won’t do it when I can
Still think. Decide. Will it all be regrets?
Did she even look at me when I ran
Past her? Over her. Move onto another.
Wasn’t what I had in mind – but it’s late
And I don’t feel like a lover
Now. We’re doing it now. Don’t save the date.
I wouldn’t call it that word. More an act –
I mean, are you still really thinking? Now
That’s not how this works. This love is no fact.
You act like this is my first solemn vow.
You have to conform: how can I make plain
That what love is now is so much more sane.

By Joshua Datta