Monday, 25 March 2013

Eros and Agape

Your face, to me, a heavenly gift;
Your eyes the seductive, glint of stars,
Your nose the mushroom cap of nature,
Your cheeks, the rose garden, just for me,
Your lips, the supple peak of mountain,
Your hair, the swimming waves of the milky-way.
The love you bring to my heart, saves,
This wretched being, trapped within the caves,
Dark and dingy with minotaurs,
Until your beauty lit my hell,
To turn it into my paradise,
With soft swelling waves and golden sand,
Or rolling emerald hills,
With flower after flower,
And dainty pond after dainty pond.
May I never have to go back,
To my personal hell,
So, I ask you to "Marry me?"
For the world to just let us be,
Marry Me! 

by Erin Colfer