Monday, 25 March 2013

Beginnings of Love

Isn’t it strange that in such a short time that we’ve become so close?
And I trust that our love, our heart, our faith is what brought you to me.
Love is that amazing feeling when you meet someone, someone that you can
Carry on loving and they have the same care as you do for them.

If love isn’t a feeling then what is it?
Love is action, love is tolerance, and love is learning your partner’s love language, love is giving and love is receiving!
Love isn’t only about your love for one another. It’s also about your passion.
Your passion for something you love. It could be hobbies, sports, or a social life.

Spending time with your own family. Your family are people that are the closest to you since the day you were born no matter what happens through bad or good times.
They will always love and care for you.
They help you through really tough times, that you just need someone to talk to, someone to ask something about
And last but not least...someone to love!

by Sam Teed