Monday, 25 March 2013

A beautiful text, a beautiful day

You’re in love...                                                          u don’t believe me do u?
You don’t feel it? Where everything feels right?
No  :/
You know exactly what I’m talking about, those elegant words, don’t you get
The touch, then feel a rush? It’s love.
                                                                 I don’t think so...
Doesn’t it feel like the clock handle is taking forever to move when he’s not around?
That heartache when he’s not there?
                                                                I don’t know what you’re talking about?
Behind him there is you. Your love will be the light to guide him
Through the darkness and the rough times...
                                                                    No it won’t  :/
The more you deny it, the more you’ll fall for him.
Your heart just skipped a beat didn’t it?
You felt a shiver down your spine... thinking maybe it’s true?
                                                                       You’re talking rubbish...
Don’t you feel envy when he’s with some other girl?
That feeling where your heart drops a tear
You over-think that maybe love is not in your destiny.
                                                                         But I don’t think he likes me in that way
You’ll know at 12...
                What because it’s Valentine’s Day? This only happens in movies...
Just minutes away...                                             
                                                                          This is so crazy...
I love you < 3

by Nafiza Rahman