Thursday, 3 January 2013


This morning I found a girl afloat in the water,
Her dress was flowing outwards, beautiful and fair.
She was not moving so I told a nearby boy,
But when we got to her, she was gone.
We looked and we looked but could not find her
She was gone for good, we thought.
But then we saw her, floating downstream
She had stopped... What had she seen?

She had seen a beautiful garden above her head,
A bridge covered in flowers and grass.
Beauty in the garden
And beauty in her.

As we were about to leave her,
A man came running shouting, screaming.
He ran to her and shouted, “Ophelia!”
Was that her name?

“Ophelia! Ophelia! What did you do?
I love you, I love you. I am your brother and you’re my life!
Why did you do that to yourself?
Why did you do so?”

Ophelia, Ophelia. What did you do Ophelia?
You brother in tears, frozen with guilt.
Ophelia, your fragrance was forever lasting.
But now you lie dead and alone.

By Jessica Ellis