Thursday, 3 January 2013


You shall be forever young,
The grey tinge of grey
Will never fall upon you.
Time’s scars in deep lines
Across your face will
Never cease to exist..

The sweet flower
That craves the water,
Its life
Has drowned.

A weak, limp version of yourself
Floats with the lilies.
You are home Ophelia;
The water has touched
Your now pale lips and
Sealed your fate.
Your love will never exist
Where you are going,
The white softness of the clouds
Now surrounds you.
You are home.

Your lover, your love
Has faded from your memories;
Just like his mind has faded from him,
In soft light.
Unintentionally he has sent you here.

He is your poison.
You are home.

By Gabriella Stagg