Thursday, 3 January 2013

Inspirations / New competition

Happy New Year to everyone! Here are a selection of new poems - the first few are made up of a mixed assortment from the last few weeks, including some from our usual suspects as well as a great sonnet from 'Passing Ship' Nick Le Messurier. Thereafter come a clutch all based around the painting you can see above of Ophelia by Millet. Ophelia was (of course!) the tragic heroine who drowned herself in Shakespeare's Hamlet and thanks go to the girls at St Sampson's for vividly capturing the feelings and situation of this character.

In a slightly awkward link, we're asking for more poems based around the theme of 'Love' ahead of Valentine's Day - no tragic endings necessary but go easy on the schmaltz too... we're also after poems around the theme of 'Beginnings' to accompany the New Year. If you've already bailed on your resolutions, this is the perfect opportunity to vent creatively. There should be some prizes forthcoming for the best works in both categories - I'll confirm the amounts once I know how much we're giving away - a few £25 awards should be on the way - happy reading and writing until then...