Friday, 23 November 2012

The Owner

Win, after win, after win. I kept on noticing it. This man kept winning and winning. I slowly approached him and out the corner of my eye saw a pocket full o’ cash. ‘Drrr,’ went the machine handing him a crisp, 50 dollar bill.

“This game rigged?” I asked, quietly.

“Nope, it’s all skill, and a tad of luck.” He winked. He was quite a young lad, around 23 and was with what I assumed to be his wife and child.

“So how many times have you won?” I asked, still considering if he was telling the truth.

“Every time, I have a gift!” His wife laughed.

“Every, time?” I said slowly, whilst moving my glance to the baby. “Would you be willing to bet on that?”

“Sure!” he said, “what, like 50 bucks, I don’t know?”

“Hmm, how about... this casino? I own and run it, among others; if you win, you get to keep it, and everything inside it,” I smirked; this was one of the larger bets I’d made recently.

“That’s a bit much isn’t it?! Why not just 100 bucks, and anyway, what would I have to give you, that is, if I lose?”

“Your wife.”

By Sam Ozanne