Friday, 23 November 2012

In my pocket

It had been a long day and the last thing we needed was for the car to break down. “This old banger can’t last five miles without breaking down, Jess. Dad never listens, dumb as a dog, as per usual,” I said to my brother, Jesse. “Just look at him, we’re at a gas station and he don’t know what he’s doing.’’ My brother was just slumped back on his chair. “I’ll make you a bet Jess, if we don’t get outta’ here in the next 24 hours you get whatever is in my pocket.”

“Fine and if we do then you get what’s in my pocket.”

I looked back at the car and saw my two sons shaking hands, they had probably adopted betting from me. If I wasn’t addicted then we would already be in Texas in a decent car. A small man came out to meet me. “What can I do for you mister?”

“I um... need a car?

“How much do you have on ya?”

“9 dollars.”

“Ooh... not enough, you like to bet...”

“A bit too much.”

“Well, I have a certain hobby for collecting body parts.”

“And I need some for my car!”

“Well, then maybe we make bet for parts, I don’t like giving parts away but I will this one time, how about a toe for a toe.”

“Hmm... ok, what’s the bet?”

“I am going to pick a card from this pack, you must guess what it is.”

“That’s a little unfair on you, I mean on me”

“No questions, ready, I take my knife out... Now we play. Go! I have picked my card.”

“Umm... is it the um... twenty two of arrows?”

“Ha Ha Ha Ha, I’m struggling for ‘ha ha’ breath. I’ll give you another chance. You pick again, I will take out jacks, queens, kings and aces. You must say heart, spade, diamond or club and a number from two to ten. I have picked.”

“Umm...Umm ten of umm clubs.” The man went mental.

Me and Jesse were laughing our heads off as we watched the man run around cursing.

“NO NO NO! You do not win, we go again, my card is picked,” the man was breathing very heavily.

“I, umm...umm... six of spades?”
The man fainted.

He immediately got back up. “I will not give you my toe but I will give you my umm... tow. Yes I will give you car. Tow truck.

We were driving on the road. Jesse was feeling in his pocket and he smiled. He pulled out a cent. He handed it to me. If I could’ve just given him what was in my pocket.

by Lewis Robin