Thursday, 3 January 2013

Bus Music

A baby cries

As creaky engine
Shudders forth;
Metallic clangings
Reverberate around me.
Earphones blasting,
Continuous blast-beat rhythms
Fail to suppress such noise;
Tales being told, laughter,
Crying, anecdotes, love;
Two hands touching
As lovers go
Separate ways; different stops.
Shuffle, the track has changed.
In deadly silence,
One song leading to the next,
Sirens tearing the sky;
The flashing in the distance
Tearing holes in the overcast.
I watch as the noise dissolves,
The ambulance speeds past
Breaking the silence,
Breaking the noises
That occupied my space.
Seconds pass. It’s gone;
The noises return:
Laughter, crying, anecdotes,
Love. In the distance
The siren continues,
Slowly fading.
The next track begins,
All noises now merging to one.

  By Oliver Thompson