Friday, 28 September 2012



There in the dark night but

glow bright -

you turn to your friend and in

her eyes the

lights shine bright

The word for them is

Stars -

could they shine bright this early

night tonight?

What is right for this night...all

I have is that bright star tonight...

Could they have a voice so nice?

If in Paradise

they might be nice in this life

but what about the afterlife?

The word for them is

celebrity – stars

could they sing all bright?

But how far are they willing to fight....

For that bright single light

They might be under or over there

But who am I to compare?

I’m not something you could wear

And I’m not a wistful puff of air

The word for them is


The beauty they give its hard to relive

But who am I, not to


By Vicky Harris