Monday, 24 September 2012

I am Here

Hello, my love, I'm here.
I watch you from afar.
Although you see me,
You don't know that I'm a star.

I am here
Guiding you at night,
Still hoping to be your light.

I have travelled so long
And ended up with you again.
My love, I think of us now and then.

You have done so well and grown so strong,
I may shine light but you are of it whole.

I must go now -
The sun is on the rise.
Just know that your father is here
Always in plain sight.
For I am a star -
It might sound strange
I skipped the beat of heaven
And ended on this stage.

Your family is here smiling down on you.
I hope you will see us again soon.

by Gabriella Stagg