Tuesday, 28 August 2012

The Wreck of The Titanic

She lay, moribund on the sea floor,
scattered around was debris galore.
The wasteland was endless, just more and more.
Despite all this, I gazed in awe.

Seeing her filled me with memories of tragedy,
All her beauty stolen, her luxury, her majesty.
On the carcass of this hulking great beast,
many tiny thieves on her craftsmanship did feast.

The experience was akin to a murder mystery,
the crime scene abundant with pieces of history.
As we entered the stateroom to inspect the interior,
The first class cabin reminded of how she was once superior.

We drifted into the boiler room where so many did slave.
Down my spine went a shiver as we trespassed on her grave.
Her metallic skin gnawed away by the soldiers of the sea,
Mother Nature caused all those souls to flee.

The magnitude of destruction was so great,
I wanted to observe and wait.
But the air supply was limited, we did not have all day
So to explore and survive we must no delay.

By James Bowsher