Tuesday, 28 August 2012

The Woodcutter

Man of 6' 3", who levelled the pine trees
of my homeland was born of a woman
who lives alone now in the city; who only ever loved
one man in her life - a man of 6' 1"
who tended bar for a living.

Heaven knows how the bastard son of a city lady,
born and raised complex, ended up chopping down trees,
but damn he damn near was the best damned tree chopper
there ever was - in his time.

But omitting his great propensity for swinging an axe,
man had little other self-property to show for
save a knack for poetry which few else could boast of - he wrote:

"Man alive, I've broken many bones
but man himself who breaks, breaks alone."

A fair attempt, for all a critic could claim to know.

by Josh Bougourd