Tuesday, 28 August 2012


Everything in the universe will change,
Some for the better, some strange,
Technology and electronics always advance,
From computers to calculators, give us humans a chance!

People are just one of the things,
A caterpillar in a cocoon when it develops wings,
The solar system, the planets, the sun,
The sun may change, but soon it may be gone.

In autumn, leaves go brown,
The wind comes along and blows them down
To summer where the weather's really hot,
Just some changes we know we've got.

Sometimes things change for the bad,
Leaving people feeling so sad:
Natural disasters that kill thousands of people,
Buildings collapsing, a falling tower or steeple.

War scars our precious countries and towns,
It makes everybody's spirit suddenly down -
climate change is also a big issue,
An issue to animals that is nothing new.

There are thousands of changes we undergo,
Some we recognize, some we don't know.
But one thing we know for sure,
Nothing will stay the same now, and for evermore.

By Joshua Ozanne