Tuesday, 28 August 2012

A Forthcoming Fate

Escaped from the heavens she flies down to Earth,
They capture her and know what she’s worth.
Beautiful fairy, floating asleep,
Knife between ribs, blood starts to seep.
A hand rests on her pleated skirt,
Scared to touch yet scared to let go.
Bloodied wings, never taking flight,
A spectrum of colours to brighten the night.
Dark blue hair cascading down,
A thin neck for a small crown.
Pointed eyes, darting about,
A tear replenishing; her mind a drought.
A very slim frame, made to be snapped,
Wincing she falls, she knows she is trapped.
Wings flopping onto her shoulders,
Feathery light, now as heavy as boulders.
A beautiful face now an ugly scar,
A pinpointed gaze now drifting afar.
Midnight blue sky announcing the end,
Her wings take flight - her soul to send.

by Heather Despres