Tuesday, 28 August 2012

The Pencil

As I look around me everything seems to be growing,
Getting bigger every day.
I used to be much taller than all my friends.
But they just lay there never moving.
Never changing.
I always travel back and forth across the page.
Everyone laughs at me for being so blunt.
They don't know the agony of it,
The searing pain that goes through my head
Every time I make contact with the paper,
That gleaming white paper I taint with my poisonous lead.

I am the devil, bringing darkness to other's lives.
I can shape-shift to become whatever you want.
You can guide me to your liking
And discard my markings if I do you wrong.
Sometimes I snap if I can't take it any longer.
My punishment is unreal,
The torture of being twisted and cut.
This happens again and again
Until I am finally forgotten, left as a dwarf in the world.
I try to forget the agony of my life
As I watch my brethren go through the same.

by Katie Marquand