Tuesday, 28 August 2012

The Fading Memories

My life used to be perfect,
But now it's like the black pit of hell.
Your reassuring face was always smiling,
Even when you knew the battle was lost.
But now I don't even know you.
I can always remember your hilarious orange glasses
And your mad, silly bright socks.
The warm sun was always shining when you were around
But now it's always a dull, stormy day.
I still picture you happy and content,
But also in horrifying pain.
Gran always talks about you, never in the slightest bad way.
Everyone stops and greets me - hello, how are you?
You told everyone about me.
The worst thing is I didn't say goodbye.
The only family member who didn't.
I was told that I obviously didn't care,
I was being bullied like a school child.
But I always said,
"I only want good memories not bad ones."
But I regret that day.
In the cold church I was head down looking into an endless pit,
Tears falling on the floor like a dripping tap.
My memories are slowly drifting away,
Now only the truly outstanding ones remain:
The best ones.

by Annie Batiste