Friday, 15 June 2012

Out of the Clouds

The footsteps of the cloaked man echoed throughout the bell tower.  He slowly wandered up to the top where he could see all around the city - everything and everyone was in his sights. The traffic below him was gridlocked and so no one was moving anywhere. The light drizzle had now turned into a heavy shower - he hid behind the sides of the steeple.
Above the city, out of view, another man was getting ready to disembark his private helicopter. He had an appointment to get to but was in no hurry. He had two bodyguards accompanying him and so was quite safe, but he didn’t want everyone in the city to know he was coming.
The rain eased and so the man got himself off the floor, lifting his big black case with him. He viewed the city, examining it as if something was about to happen. The whirring sound of a helicopter grew louder and louder as it descended from the clouds: on its side was the golden Stevecorp logo. It landed on one of the newest sky scrapers to dominate the New York skyline. A jacketed man stumbled out of the helicopter and was briskly escorted the staircase of the building. The helicopter flew away and the man was gone.
 A couple of hours later, the man walked out of the main entrance to the street market where he could buy some lunch, only a couple minutes down the road. This time, he was not accompanied, probably to avoid attracting attention. He was wearing a magnificent Rolex watch and he looked immaculate. Just how he looked in the papers. He began viewing the many stalls and slowly walked closer to the church - that was where the food stalls were. His day was going all too well for him - what could go wrong now? No one even knew he was there.
The man at the top of the church tower opened the locks on his case and revealed a magnificent sniper's rifle. He picked it up and steadied it on the battlements of the tower, pointing directly down to the food stalls. A few crumbling rocks fell down the side of the church and landed just at the toes of the man below.
He looked up and saw nothing apart from the steeple of the tower of the church. He then continued with his business and handed the money to the baguette stall owner. The assassin placed his finger on the trigger, and adjusted the sights on his gun. A red dot steadied itself on the rear of the VIP’s head, and just as the bells started ringing, he looked up once more. A gunshot echoed throughout the city.