Friday, 15 June 2012

The Law of the Plain

The Great Reptile flowed silently through the murky water, it had recently just eaten; there was meat caught between his razor sharp teeth. All the fish and other sea creatures avoided his path as his strong tail moved him swiftly up the river on his purposeless course. It swam underwater and came up occasionally for the air which he could hold on to for hours. Its dark green scaly skin cut through the water with its dark black eyes half shut as he flowed on.

The buffalos were walking in a pack towards the north where there was lots of grass for them to eat. The youngest, a few months old struggled to run alongside its mother because of her long strides. If it was going to survive in the harsh ecosystem, it would have to bulk up.

The reptile had arrived at a watering hole; it remained underwater in the hope that dinner would arrive. However, this failed to happen so it graciously crawled out of the water on to its thin weedy arms and legs. It fell asleep at a spot where it could quickly enter the water silently.

The buffalos had finished eating and were travelling toward the nearest watering hole. The youngest was desperate for a drink as last time he got dragged away as his mother sensed danger. The sun was setting so they had to be quick to avoid the night time predators.

Upon awaking the reptile silently went into the watering hole and went a hundred feet in. He lay down at the foot of the lake and closed his eyes to concentrate on his other senses to detect water movement.

The buffalos arrived at the watering hole and approached with caution except the youngest that slipped away from his mother. He ran forward and gulped down the water; this made lots of splashing making the experienced buffalos backed off. The parents froze with fear but the young buffalo was unaware.

The reptile detected a change in movement and became alert; it crawled toward the water edge with senses all alert and it squinted to see the outline of the disturbance.

The huge reptile leapt beautifully out of the water with its eyes closed in order to protect them. The young buffalo began to go backwards but was too slow. The Great Reptile grabbed the animal. The reptile dragged it into the water using its strong jaws. There was a lot of splashing of the buffalo trying to escape. The buffalo couldn’t feel its left leg. It struggled to move and knew it was near its end.

It let out a heart wrenching scream and remained still as pain and panic struck at once.