Friday, 15 June 2012

An Appointment

7:00am: The man walked through the gates of the hotel. It was situated in Bern. He greeted the receptionist, and received his key. This was going to be a long night.
 7:08am: The man ran up the last flight of stairs, finally reaching his room. He slammed the card into the slot, and pulled it out. The light turned red. “Come on you £@#%!” The room attendant glanced across the aisle and gave him a stern look. The man displayed an apologetic smile. He calmly slid the card in and out. The light turned green. He was in. It had begun.
“Two pints of milk and a carton of Royal’s please.” The man behind the counter grumpily looked for the key, and disappeared through a door. Mrs Tour huffed. In her last meeting as a politician, she argued on an extremely sensitive area, and it had angered one man in particular. He had had deep ties in the matter, and was so strongly affected by the proposal, that he caused an uproar and was subsequently thrown out. She later lost her job.
7:10am: Mr. Adams threw open the ½ metre suitcase to reveal an extendable EMR. It was right where he said it would be. Emerging into his private balcony, he surveyed the situation. Two high-definition security cameras overlooking the balcony. They would need taking care of. He pulled out his binoculars. There was the shop, just like he said.
 “I’m sorry ma’am, but we don’t seem to have any Royal’s. Would you like something else?””A large Vodka,” snapped the women. The man disappeared once again, and quickly returned with a bag and a bottle of their finest Russian Vodka.” “€12.72 please.” She handed over the money.
7:18am: Time was running out. He wanted no witnesses. He pulled out his specially designed cards, and slid them over the cameras. They had an exact image of what the cameras would see, but would be blind to what was to happen. He set the bipod up, judged the bullet drop and wind, and looked down the sight. It was pinpointed on the shop door. Now came the hardest part. Waiting.
The women finally grabbed her purchases and headed for the door. All of a sudden, a, red laser pierced her eyes. She screamed in pain. At first, she thought she was blind, but her eyes moved out of the light long enough to see the glint of the gun, and its firer. Nothing could have prepared her for what came next. It was like her body was on fire. A huge hole opened in her chest. She coughed up blood, and collapsed. The echo of the shot rang out threw the Swiss streets.