Friday, 15 June 2012

450! A new short story competition

Friday's Footprint welcomes you to join us round the campfire over the long summer. Yes, we're publishing your short stories - short short stories, to be precise - so if the smoke is already making you sleepy, they'll only take you a couple of minutes each to sample.

450 words is the strict word limit for these - this ties in with the 450th anniversary of Elizabeth College next year. As always, contributions are very welcome from all of the island's schools. Submit through your teacher or direct via email (see the tabs above for details). If you've arrived here from halfway round the world, feel free to get in touch, leave a comment or send us a poem/story. Through our battered telescope, we often see ships flying the American flag on the horizon... 

Do have a look at the Write Stuff competition for the Guernsey Literary Festival too: this has a word limit of only 200 words and bans the use of adjectives and adverbs throughout. On the plus side, there are numerous £50 prizes for the best efforts.