Sunday, 20 May 2012

Guernsey Literary Festival

FF is pleased to be helping out on the publicity and competitions for the Guernsey Literary Festival. There are some really exciting events this year, details of which are included below:

Week 10 - 14th September.  

1. Lucinda Dickens Hawskley: Primary / Secondary
(Busing must be booked)

Maximum number of students: 70 per session

Venue: Frossard Theatre, Candie Museum Theatre

Date: Friday 14 September

Primary: 9.30-10.30am (Years 5 and 6)
Lucinda will look with the students at Charles Dickens' life, what it was like to be a child in the 19th century and how he grew up to become so famous, as well as looking at some of the stories he wrote, what he wanted his readers to learn from them and how he managed to make changes to his world.

Secondary: 1.00-2.00pm (Year 10)
Most people know Charles Dickens as a novelist, but far fewer people know that he was also a journalist – and a journalist who truly made changes in the society in which he lived. Lucinda will look with the students at what it means to be a campaigning journalist, what kind of things Dickens campaigned about and what the students think Dickens would be writing about if he were alive today.

This event is kindly sponsored by Deloitte.

2. Farrago Poetry: Poetry Slam Workshop: Year 9s
(Busing must be booked)

Maximum number of students per session: about 20 per school (40 per session)

Venue: One of the participating paired schools

Date: Thursday 13 September or Friday 14 September
Morning: 9.30-11.00am or
Afternoon: 1.00-2.30pm

The session begins with students being introduced to slam poetry and the workshop leaders performing poems. This is followed by the writing of either individual or group poems and the teaching of some basic performance techniques. After rehearsing and practicing their work, students take part in an end-of-session slam in the school. Judges, together with the teachers from the schools, will choose a number of poets to represent their respective school in the finals (which will take place Sunday 16 September: Rehearsal 4PM. Poetry Slam Finale 5PM. Venue: St James. Tickets will be free of charge and can be booked shortly.)

This event is kindly sponsored by Deloitte.

3: Interactive Storytelling Workshop: Living History Group

Maximum number of students per session: One class

Venue: Working with individual classes in their respective schools

Dates: Monday 10 September – AM or PM
Tuesday 11 September – AM or PM
Wednesday 12 September – AM or PM

Three Stories on offer:
1) Joey: KS 1
An interactive telling of one of Joey’s many adventures. This performance includes props so that small children can help tell the story. 15 minutes. (Kindly supported by Aurigny Air Services).
2) Sarnia Cherie: KS 2/3
An extract from Ron Blicq’s childhood memories – when, in the years just before World War II, he would run to the lookout post on top of Castle Cornet to watch (and sometimes assist)the Watchman as he raised the signals to indicate the sighting and arrival of visiting ships. 20 minutes.
3) Toilers of the Sea: KS 3/4
A lively introduction to Victor Hugo the man, his time and his works. This performance includes interactive extracts from Hugo’s novel ‘The Toilers of the Sea’. 20 minutes. (Victor Hugo came to Guernsey in 1855 and stayed here for 15 years. He dedicates ‘Toilers of the Sea’ to the island, ‘the rock of hospitality and freedom, in the corner of the ancient Norman lands where the noble little people of the sea live, to the island of Guernsey.’)

This event is kindly sponsored by Deloitte.

4. Unwritten Stories with Book Making: Jo Dowding and Alice Carre

Maximum number of students: one class at a time

Venue: One of the Primary schools

Date: Thursday 13 September
Morning: 9.30am-12.00pm AND Afternoon: 12.45pm-2.30pm

‘You’ll never guess what happened on my way to school! It went like this...’ Have you ever thought about how many stories we tell each other every day? Most of these stories are never written down, regardless of how funny, serious or extraordinary they are. This session is about celebrating these unwritten stories. In the morning, there will be a selection of different ‘storytellers’ relating short stories from their own lives. Next, the students will choose their favourite story from the morning (or use one of their own) and will receive input on how to make their text more engaging. The students will be taught how to make a book in the afternoon in which their new story can be written. This session will be led by Guernsey Museum’s Access & Learning Manager Jo Dowding and freelance artist Alice CarrĂ©.

This event is kindly sponsored by Deloitte.

5. Tony Booth: Local non-fiction writer: Writing workshop

Maximum number of students: one class at a time

Venue: Secondary schools

Dates: Monday 10 September – Wednesday 12 September (inclusive)
AM: 9.30-11.00am or PM: 1.00-2.30pm
This workshop will give an insight into how we can learn from good, scripted film dialogue and transfer these techniques to prose. Of the six or so techniques used to craft good creative writing, the most important is dialogue which is not only used to show characters interacting verbally but also to move the story forward with brevity and to show individual character traits. Through analyzing and discussing some film clips, students will then write their own small scenes in a bid to understand that showing characters talking means more than just verbal interaction of characters on the page. And in turn this will help them to differentiate between good writing and professional writing, which are two completely different disciplines.

This event is kindly sponsored by Deloitte.

6. Jeff Norton: workshop: Building Worlds to Tell Immersive Stories

Maximum number of students: One class

Venue: College of FE (already allocated)

Time: Friday 14 September PM

Jeff Norton, author of the MetaWars (Orchard Books) will lead a workshop about creative world building, and a discussion about how to fuse an original world with compelling characters and an engaging story. Using examples primarily from both classic and contemporary science fiction, Norton will focus on the key elements of creating original, and believable worlds. Jeff Norton is a Canadian, London-based writer, filmmaker, and founder of creative incubator, Awesome.

This event is kindly sponsored by Deloitte.

7. The Reader Organisation: Ha’Penny Readings: yrs 5, 6, 7 and 8 (Busing must be booked)

Maximum number of students: 200 per session from Primary and Secondary

Venue: Princess Royal Centre for The Performing Arts

Date: Wednesday 12 September or Thursday 13 September
AM: 9.30-10.35 or PM: 1.00-2.05

The Reader Organisation is a national charity based in Liverpool. It is dedicated to spreading the love of reading for pleasure to all ages, from all backgrounds. Inspired by Dickens’ famed Penny Readings, which brought people together to hear great literature and have fun, TRO’s annual version has become a highlight of Liverpool’s cultural calendar. A version for children and young adults, the Ha’penny Readings, began in 2010 and has been wildly successful, bringing children together for a literary cabaret of fun, puns and unexpected happenings… Ha’penny veterans Samantha Shipman and Patrick Fisher from the Reader Organisation will join forces with Guernsey Literary Festival guest stars and local literary, musical and madcap talent to engage and enthral.

Children will enter the PAC in twos and be asked to contribute a penny per couple as is the custom at such readings. Children wishing to attend a Ha’penny Reading with their parents will be able to book shortly for the session on the Saturday 15th at 11.30am in the Inner Street, Market Square). Tickets free.

This event is kindly sponsored by Specsavers.

8. The Write Stuff: A writing competition for students of all ages
POWER PROSE – ‘The Picnic’

Launch Date: Monday 21st May

Word limit: 200 words on the prompt of ‘The Picnic’

Categories: up to age 11; up to age 14; up to age 16.
- First prize (each category): £50 voucher and the trophy for the year.
- Second prize (each category): £25 voucher and a certificate.
- Third prize (each category): £25 voucher and a certificate.
The nine students awarded prizes will also be offered a workshop with a writer visiting for the festival. Details to follow.

This competition is kindly sponsored by Channel Islands Stock Exchange.

Teachers’ Notes:
“Carefully and slowly, the beautiful, blonde woman meticulously took off the crinkled cellophane wrapper from the delicious, organic oatmeal sandwich. Suddenly, a purple and grey storm cloud came across the perfect azure and cobalt  sky…”

What’s wrong with this picture? I mean, apart from the storm cloud? That’s right: it’s the horribly overwritten description! Often in school, we try to create a more vivid scene by adding more and more words; invariably, these tend to end up being adjectives and adverbs. So, for this competition we’re stripping them out completely. What? Yes, that’s right – your entry shouldn’t contain any adjectives or adverbs – your teacher will give you a refresher course on these so that you can avoid them.

How will you generate the power in your prose now? Don’t worry: there’s plenty of muscle in your old friends the nouns and verbs. Compare the following, for example:

1. The rapid man ran quickly down the ornate, wooden stairs.
2. He disappeared down the steps.

Which would you prefer as a reader? We feel that the second is substantially shorter and considerably more powerful. Oops! Take out those unnecessary adjectives and adverbs: it pulses with life.

You can spend as much time as you like preparing your story and experimenting with styles. However, competition entries must be completed without notes in school in a timed session of no more than an hour. Entrants should be resident in the Bailiwick of Guernsey; all ages should be as of the closing date of 31st July 2012.

Pieces will be judged on creativity, clarity, style, and should try to include
some dialogue. The winners will be announced shortly before the start of the festival.
Official start of competition:  Monday 11 June.
Official Close of competition: Monday 23 July.

Send your entries to: Sarah Maguire, Guernsey Arts Commission, Guernsey Information Centre, North Esplanade, St Peter Port, Guernsey, GY1 2LQ (include your age group)
Email your entries to:
(include your story in the body of your email, together with your age group)


Jane Falla for Events 1, 2, 5 and 7.

Jo Dowding for Events 3 and 4.

Magnus Buchanan for The Write Stuff.

General Enquiries:
Catriona Stares: Festival Director
Or phone: (07781)143545