Friday, 4 May 2012

First stirrings of "Inspirations"

It's been a good couple of weeks at FF. We're slowly signing up a few new talents to the club who've taken away some anthologies to inspire their own coming FF debuts. The new theme also seems to have the ink flowing again for the rest of us.

There are finally some humorous poems to share here: Jack Colley's "Some Things Never Change" shows that the humblest of jobs can be the most vital of all to the cosmic order: see if you can guess which job it is! Meanwhile, Josh Bougourd's "Comfort" (inspired by the painting displayed by Munch) probes the distance between the intellect and our emotions - in this take, being clever doesn't necessarily make anyone feel any better. Fraser Miller's poem "Tiger Lily" creates a kinetic sense of the connection between personal pain and inspiration in a closely rhymed, rhythmic piece. Finally, Magnus Buchanan muses on the irony of seeing some of Caravaggio's most famous paintings while competing for space with school parties, a monk with a microphone and a coin-operated lighting system.

Take some inspiration from here, there or elsewhere then feel free to send us your poems or illustrations on this theme or any other which inspires.