Friday, 4 May 2012


(to be read as though sung in a bar,
with this painting hung upon the wall)

The moment the tears fell
was the moment our towers of ivory did so as well,
all that remained
was the room, and us, juxtaposed
and contradistinct.
In life there's a sense of contest
and when confronted we want to be winners
(they had that dream where the world was a sports field)
but the winners aren't always the guys
you'd take out for a beer.

And glowing hot, tears melted the room
and we realised that absolutes in love
were granted to fools.

The feministsmarxistsexistentialist teams
v neoconservativeplatonic rivals today
at 6 tonight, Madison Square Garden:
see who champions total victory
this time.

No, it can't be that way
between two people who say that they'd
like to maybe live together some day... 

Endangered I tried to squirm myself free
but you buckled me inward and made it clear
that all you needed was a touch and a sober assurance,

"I'm here,
not the lawyer or scientist,
                no, not even Jesus.
it's just us, in a room, in the sun,
agreeing that something is wrong,
and there's no logical thing to be done
except to sit and cry and maybe go out
for a drive
or a walk
a little bit later."

by Joshua Bougourd