Friday, 2 March 2012

The Neverending Rain

The Neverending Rain

Once upon a stormy night I returned
Home. Rain – persistent rain – fell calmly to
The ground and splashed the long lane of my
Arrival with blotches of black.

I opened the door with rain at my heels that crept
Into the warmth of home within. But waiting
Was a cat, its face full of fear, but sitting
Wet with rain on my floor of black.

I stared at the cat. It was insane that
It had arrived – that justice had arrived –
So very, very quickly, and so very wet with rain.
I stared at its eyes that were bulging with black.

I posed a request, “Claim me, claim me,
Cane me for my sins, berate me for my
Ignorance and banish me from my worthless
World!” The Cat replied – replied and said “Death!”

My eyes flickered to the window, the rain
Pounded – persistently pounded – the glass
Pane. The Cat (no longer fearful) caterwauled malevolently
And repeated – repeated and said “Death!”

I feared for my sanity but recalled
My sins – recalled my wife and the raging
Rain. The pain I caused, so nearly inhuman
And of course, causing the cases of Death.

I heard a glass pane shatter that had succumbed
To the rain. My wife had perished a
Similar night. The pain against her neck
Caused her demise, but no, there was no Blood.

I thought then – thought and recalled. The Rain
Had caused her death, I was sure. Powerful Rain, ravishing Rain
Her spirit abandoned and lost to Rain!
“I am innocent,” I said, “I now see, I carry no Blood!”

Summoning courage, I spoke, “Be gone, fiend, I face your fierce
Fury and denounce your name!” But the Cat only
Laughed and pounced - like the Rain - he pounced on me, began
Devouring me and poisoning my innocent Blood.

The Cat, still soaked with Rain, grinned. Oh how I
Felt its fury, how I felt the pain caused by that
Cat – caused by the vengeful Rain. The pain – perilous pain –
Caressed me but my watery wife kept spilling my Blood.

Rainwater soaked my feet as she poured through
The shattered window pane. The Cat merely
Jumped to safety, away from the vindictive Rain.
He then continued harassing me, laughing at my Blood.

Now he devours me again and savours
My blood as it spreads in the Rain. But still, my
Conscience devours me whole, whilst I suffer
With increasing pain every day. The Rain watches … and laughs.

by Jack Colley

This poem is based upon Edgar Allan Poe's supernatural poem 'The Raven'.

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