Friday, 2 March 2012

Love poems

There are some strange bedfellows in this month's collection of poems - such is the nature of that old devil, Love. Opposites attract and all that. There's certainly a spoonful or two of cynicism alongside the servings of hope here, but perhaps it's just human nature that we think a lot more carefully about our loves when they're threatened, or just darn-gone-and-run-oft. Even so, perhaps it's the vital craziness which love brings out in us which stands out the most. For better or worse, it's what makes us most alive. I'd never have put heartbreak down on a list of life's essential experiences before this month. But I'm coming round. As long as it's in the past. Or someone else's of course.

Humorous poems on the way for next month... put your "Pen in Cheek" if you'd like to contribute and send your work to the usual places.