Friday, 17 February 2012

My Precious

My Precious

I move like a shadow
In an even darker night
Searching, constantly searching
But keeping out of sight.
Running, always running,
Trying to find the light.
For you are my light, my precious,
My never-ending light.

Without you, I'm nothing,
Nothing but a speck of dust.
You're the one that makes me whole,
You're the one I lust.
All others deceive me,
But you I can always trust.
For you I can keep on going, my precious,
For you I must!

I need you, I want you,
My dear, my beloved.
To feel you, to touch you,
My hand would be ungloved.
To kiss you, to hug you,
To love you to heaven above.
If only you felt the same way,
My precious, my love!

by Chris Way

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