Friday, 17 February 2012

Light & Dark

We're finally coming out of winter! So it seems a good moment to publish those final poems considering the theme of Light & Dark. This one has kept the campfires burning here since before Christmas and I've really enjoyed the way that it's twisted and turned around different interpretations of what these oldest of companions represent...

There are some really varied responses below - one or two will soothe you; one or two may shock too! Feel free to post your reactions in the comment sections below each poem. If you have any other feedback, drop us a message in a bottle at - we're now inviting last minute submissions on the theme of "Love" as well as our next theme which is "Pen in Cheek" (keyboard seemed like a squeeze), inviting humorous takes on any subject.

Sorry to miss our schedule again which is nominally the first Friday of every month - we should be on target for some Lurve poetry by Friday 2nd March.