Friday, 17 February 2012

Burn Bright

Burn Bright

I walked in procession along a way

Overgrown with weeds, long forgotten by others.
I walked over the grey granite cobblestones
Placed crudely together in a faint
Semblance of a line. The tendrils of
Darkness tried to hinder my advance, but
I strode firmly on. My white robe protected
Me from evil, repulsed the flagellae
Of immorality and eradicated
My doubts. This was right.

My valiant white second skin, thick with
Justice, gently billowed in the breeze as
I strode along this path. The man in front,
Encased in his white robe, walked with confidence.
A coyote shrieked in the distance. Vultures
Waited in the trees. The man in front turned
And glared at me, through his mask of righteousness.
“Initiate, do your duty.” His voice
Echoed steadfastly around the farm. It
Was time to rejoice.

Approaching the cross, the black, sooty cross,
I held a taper out, dragged it over
A rough surface and held it to the sign.
It erupted in brilliant white, the
Glorious saviour white! Singeing the black
Wood and cleansing the captive cross
From the iniquitous enthrals of black. A farmer,
With black corrupting skin, shuffled
Unceremoniously into the
Radiant light.

My white hat, pointing to Jesus the saviour,
Moved as one with my body. I took off
My boots, feeling the white, innocent, grass
Penetrating my toes. I felt invincible
And stared at the farmer as he fled into
His black-bricked building. Another friend
Approached and handed me a sack. I stood back
From the purifying cross and ingested
The bloody glitter from the communal bag. Then,
As I saw Lucy glowing white in the Sky,
My soul began to burn vibrantly,
Brighter than ever before.

by Jack Colley

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