Monday, 12 December 2011

Time to Publish!

I'm publishing a number of poems on Time today - there are still a few out there in the ether which may well arrive in the next couple of days.

Over the last month, we've looked at a number of poems in the group here at College - most of which have tended to emphasise Time's youth-vanquishing, city-razing qualities - it's definitely been Time with a capital 'T' round here! You'll forgive us then if the majority of our own poems take this oppositional point of view. If you need an antidote to all of this, search out Milosz's wonderful poem 'The Gift' which features a 'perfect day' of sanctuary. Even better, write us a poem of your own which looks kindly on what seems to have become one of the poet's 'old enemies'.

This month's theme is Light & Dark - feel free to interpret this how you will - metaphorical light and darkness is of course welcome but the inspiration actually came from the winter solstice which is only a few days away. Feel free to write us a poem about the houses on Christmas eve, illuminated like candles at the back of a church... enjoy those holidays!