Friday, 4 November 2011

Marked For Love

Marked For Love

The night before, romance, love:
Perfumed angels sent from above.
A smile, a kiss, and then a hug,
A trip upstairs, the door closed with a thud...

An hour later, (or was it two?
I'd lost count by then, as you do)
Back downstairs, I walked outside
Feeling on an all-time high.

A wave, a wink, a dance, a shudder -
Ladies queuing up, one after another.
I had ten drinks, I downed them fast,
Ordered five more, I was having a blast...

Fifteen drinks later, still out partying
But after, can't remember a thing
I woke up this morning in a public loo
in a daze, not knowing what to do.

I got off the floor, felt a serious pain,
In the mirror I saw what was to blame:
Sophie, Stella and Georgia Black -
Each name engraved across my back.

by Chris Way


  1. Humorous and well-served by its rhymes, this poem speaks to the devil-may-care approach to the weekend that you can witness most Fridays and Saturdays in St Peter Port. And it even comes with a moral - a cautionary tale - love it!

  2. really good. i like it!!!

  3. A good poem, was the rhyme meant to be kept up, it would have been better if it had.