Tuesday, 4 October 2011



I am simple; there is nothing to me.
I am transparent, yet in me you can
See yourself, clear as day.
My surface is calm, serene, yet with the slightest
Touch of your finger, ripples will dance across me.

You have no love for me, but nor have hate
As I am ever-present within you.
You could not live without me.
I take the form of imagination,
Whatever you put in front of me, I will reflect.

I am everywhere, surrounding you every day,
Representing every emotion it is possible to feel.
By the same tears I can show sadness or happiness,
But I intend to cause no grief.
I am innocent and pure.

I am natural, beautiful, flowing through
Rivers and rushing down waterfalls.
I will pour from the clouds in the sky.
I will wash away the dirt, clear the picture.
I am water.

Sarah Brereton

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