Tuesday, 4 October 2011



The time is slowly ticking by, and as I grow older
I watch the world go past. Slowly deteriorating.
As people walk near me in the dark of night
They throw things at me, and hurt my body.
They cut me and stab my heart:
Love shared for eternity, immortalised on me.
With gleeful faces they watch. I do not cry
But the clouds open above me, cold tears stream down me.
Plastic bags fly into my hands, and I cannot pull them off
My fingers even with my old friend's help,
His breath tugging at the bags, yet they stay stuck.

Day by day, I grow larger and stronger
And I watch the seasons pass year after year. Today
My flowers have returned and I feel at home.
This is better than winter; the snow bites at my feet
And I am naked. But now I am warm,
My small companion has returned to me,
Climbing joyfully on my branches while I smile
As I see his eyes glowing with the fun he is having.
I have seen him before, in his father
And as the days go by I see him ageing. One day he'll be gone,
But I pray to one day see him again, with his child.

Anme Cross

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