Tuesday, 4 October 2011

The Toy

The Toy

It's strange where life takes one.
Through sepia-toned summers,
streams of breath in winter,
the eternal flowers of spring.
A swirl of nostalgia, churned,
flawed, battered, in pieces.
Lost in this place, a vacuum of time.
In this hospital, forever gone.

What was once full of youth, full of joy:
a life like no other's, family, grandchildren;
now lies still.
As the decades wore on, time achieved its goal.
Never giving, only taking,
ripped from me, like a toy.

Most distinctly, this will happen to me.
The smile will wither from my face,
from everyone's.
What once came in, kicking and screaming,
will one day like still, give in.
Sometimes I wish one could never grow old.
But when I think of what you left behind...
You're living in memory, in mine at least.

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