Tuesday, 4 October 2011



I wait,
for a simple message,
a signal telling me that I am not worthless.
When it comes, I shall burst into song
with all my effort - I shall wake my sleeping mistress.
I shall ring with such determination that she
will not be able to ignore me,
but that message will never come.

She is alone,
in a never-ending cycle of despair and loss.
No one shall call; no one shall wish to speak.
She is old; every moment she has left, she spends grasping
onto her past youth, she is lonely;
no one cares for her stories anymore.
But just in case that changes,
I shall wait as her loyal servant, until she is wanted again.

Lydia Cherry

This poem was based on the dramatic monologue of Sylvia Plath's Mirror.

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