Tuesday, 4 October 2011

Friday arrives early

Greetings, castaways!

I've taken a decision to publish ahead of Friday this week as it's National Poetry Day on Thursday and we have some publicity in the Press today.

Below you can read a selection of work from some of the island's young poets, ranging across the assigned themes of the 'Outdoors' and 'Technology' as well as an emerging unofficial one, 'Dreams', and the odd more personal piece too.

It shows the vibrant scene that's out there - there are touching poems, funny moments and even dark, disturbing visions to lose some sleep over. Have a read and I'm sure that you'll soon stumble on one which will fit the space in your sky.

The theme for October is 'The Supernatural' so I look forward to hearing your howls over the next month, ready to publish at Halloween.

Until then, keep surviving out there...


  1. Comments are welcome - scratch your messages in the sand below each poem!

  2. I am very impressed by the poetry!