Tuesday, 4 October 2011

A Dream

A Dream

I am always there at night.
I transport you to a magical land of slumber.
I am there when you are a child -
Adult, for as long as you live.
I portray your desires,
Lure you in deeper to the thing you want most.
I am bright, shining whatever you dream of.
I am a river. I flow.
I have calm, warm waters for you to bathe in.
A bright, shining light calls to you.
A warm glow beckons towards you!
Yet there is a bridge which crosses to the other side.
A darker, more unpleasant side.

I make you wake up in cold sweats.
I make you feel scared, alone.
I am dark and sacred; I have been there since the dawn of time.
I am always there,
Lurking in the darkness waiting for you.
I portray your fears.
I sow dark seeds within your head.
I watch them grow with pleasure. I watch you squirm.
I taunt you.
In my world there is no light.
I leave you in your bed until the next night.

Alex Butt

This poem is based on the dramatic monlogue in Sylvia Plath's Mirror.

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  1. I like this because it gets the dream thought across