Tuesday, 4 October 2011

Bubble gum of the mind

Bubble gum of the mind

In my child-like mind, see
this world that is perfect for me,
a world of women, a world of beaches -
hell, let me run through all the features.

A world of flowing chocolate,
a world that's full of sunsets,
of candy bars and supercars,
a world that's right for me.

Of sushi and revolving doors,
a world for rich, a world for poor,
a world for you, a world for me -
why not? A world in harmony.

A world without a runny nose,
no illnesses, no stubbing toes,
a world of rights and not of wrongs,
where tuck shop queues aren't so long.

A world of hobbies and of sport,
for fat, for thin, for tall, for short,
for black and white, for yellow and brown -
where racism is nowhere to be found.

A world for me and a world for you,
a world for, say, three children too,
where we can love and not be judged
in this our house of bubble gum.

Connor Walker

This poem was written in response to George and Lennie's dreams in Of Mice and Men.


  1. Amazing poem, my favourite so far
    Great rhyme and choice of words. well done

  2. I love the description. It's absolutly amazing!!