Friday, 24 June 2011

FF hits the ground running

Friday's Footprint is a new poetry project based in Guernsey which aims to get teenagers publishing their poems and artwork. One key feature of the project is bringing together talented writers and illustrators/artists so that the work receives the attention it deserves. The project is based at Elizabeth College, but welcomes submissions from all students at local secondary schools. We are currently arranging school contact points ahead of September in the hope of expanding the project island-wide.

Online, FF will publish poems every month while also providing a new theme to spur on your own writing. The blog will be updated on the first Friday of every month, or if things start going really well, every Friday. Here's hoping! Meanwhile, the first printed edition of the Footprint is scheduled for the start of 2012: the plan is for the magazine to be a bi-annual publication featuring the season's poems alongside their illustrations. We'll keep you posted on the progress.

We've taken a lot of inspiration from UK magazines and, in particular, the design of Popshot. Follow the links in the sidebars to see some of these great sites... Thanks also to UK poet Caroline Bird who planted the first footprint to follow when she visited the island one fine Friday this May for the Literary Festival.

More soon...

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