Tuesday, 21 October 2014

Time Riders Author To Judge New Competition

‘What if…’: a short story competition with no boundaries!
Friday’s Footprint is proud to be working with the Schools’ Library Service and YA science fiction author Alex Scarrow to bring you a short story competition based around science fiction.
Alex recently visited the island through the Schools’ Library Service and inspired local pupils with his challenge to ask the question ‘what if…’ to inspire their own stories. Now, in a competition to follow up the visit, Alex will judge the best entries from participating schools for prizes including signed copies of his novels.
To enter, pupils need to submit a 50-word pitch of their ‘What if’ story concept, together with a 250-word excerpt from it. The excerpts don’t need to complete the story but they definitely do need to hook the reader in and sell its concept!
Here is the beginning of an example for each part of your entry:
PITCH: What if… aliens were living among us and were only detectable by a series of tests on their eyes…
(up to 50 words)
EXCERPT: Daniel stared into the red blinking light ahead of him. He knew that he wasn’t an alien so there was nothing to worry about…
(up to 250 words)
The competition will be judged in two categories:
Year 7/8: Elizabeth College, The Grammar School, La Mare de Carteret High
Year 9/10: Blanchelande, Ladies College, St Sampson’s High
There will be three winners in each category as judged by Alex Scarrow. Each participating school in each category will have a winner. If a school fails to enter, the winner will be transferred to one of the other participating schools.
The deadline for the submission of entries is Friday 28th November. Make sure that your entry is with the teacher at your school well ahead of the deadline in electronic form (email or Word document attachment).

All work must be completely the work of the pupil entering. Friday's Footprint reserves the right to publish stories as well as to pass them to the Guernsey Press if solicited. The authors will retain copyright to their stories afterwards.
So get imagining and get writing – this is your chance to boldly go where no writer has been before! Good luck!

Thursday, 2 October 2014

National Poetry Day

Happy National Poetry Day!

Friday's Footprint will feature in a two-page spread in the Guernsey Press today and will be on the airwaves with BBC Radio Guernsey at 12.40 pm.

The theme for this year is 'Remember' and we have collected together a variety of poems from the Remembrance-inspired to the more personal and eclectic. We have even received a love sonnet devoted to rocks - one of my personal favourites!

Enjoy the day and don't forget to share a poem with someone... if I have time over the coming days, I will post some more poems here...

Monday, 19 May 2014

Guernsey International Poetry Competition winners

Congratulations to Lewis Robin (1st place) and Marcus Buchanan (2nd place) together with Jack Colley, Reuben Mellors and Bradley Norman (highly commended) for their success in the inaugural Guernsey International Poetry competition.

Because of the nature of competitions, I haven't been posting poems this year (poems are ineligible for prizes if they've been previously published anywhere) - it's also been a nightmarish year in terms of administration in other areas of school. But I'm pleased to say that there's still quite a bit of poetry writing happening around College and hopefully around the rest of the island too. I believe that we've got a better shot in the Foyle (arguably Britain's biggest junior competition) than in a long while. I'm also looking at expanding and focusing what we do in terms of short fiction to make up for the shortfall of poetry in the meantime. Before we get to that though, here are those winning poems:


It seems that
I must have
Lost it

That item
You most loved
It’s gone now
It won’t be found

So now
You cannot have it
It was nice
But now it is lost

Keep this note

by Lewis Robin


As I sit here
On the bus,
Two people in front
Decide to discuss,
Talking of what they dislike.

‘I hate that feeling
That you’re being followed,
When someone refrains
From returning what’s borrowed.
That’s what I dislike.’

‘When you’re getting ready
And you have no clean tops,
When talking to someone
And someone else eavesdrops.
That’s what I dislike.’

So me being me,
I feel I agree,
Lean forward and whisper in ear.
‘Quite right, good stranger, quite right,

That’s what I dislike.’

by Marcus Buchanan

Tuesday, 27 August 2013

'Embarking' - wedding poem

This is the poem that I recently read at the wedding of one of my best friends. Guernsey boy James has just married the wonderful Ingrid whose family is French and Mexican so I tried to write something which would capture the international flavour of the occasion as well as the couple's adventurous spirit. 

Sonnet spotters out there will notice the reference in the poem to Shakespeare's Sonnet 116 (perhaps the archetypal wedding poem). I've taken the beautiful image from that sonnet of Love being the 'star to every wandering bark' ('bark' here meaning ship) and tried to develop this idea to comment on the importance of how we speak to our loved ones from day to day. Hope you like it!

Thanks to Utah-based illustrator Corey Egbert for permission to use the lyrical image above.


English heart, French romance and Spanish amor
have cracked the champagne on your vessel's side,
but what will fill its sails once you're abroad
day after day? The sea charts I could find
were triple-tongued and even the sagest
advice seemed far flung. The right star might lead
across oceans but that still leaves those days
together trimming the sails, working the breeze.
Une ├ętoile. Una estrella. A star.
Such faith is raised on the strength and shape of breath,
so however we name the night sky's mark,
it's gusts and zephyrs which matter most on deck.
Let all your words breathe the love at your core:
your sails will fill forever, siempre, toujours.

by Magnus Buchanan

Wednesday, 22 May 2013

The Write Stuff - part 2


The Write Stuff is back again and this time it's personal...

The island's premier short story contest is once again sponsored by the Channel Islands Stock Exchange and is seeking 300-word submissions which end on the following killer line of dialogue:

"Yes, she's hiding in the basement, but be careful: she's not alone."

Once again, prizes are generous across the three age categories at £50, £25, £25 for the top three stories in each. Louis De Bernieres, celebrated author of 'Captain Corelli's Mandolin' and much more besides, is joining the judging panel this year.

Click here for full details of the competition and how to enter - the deadline is 29th July - you can send entries through FF by emailing them to step@fridaysfootprint.com or pass on folders of entries to Tony Booth through the addresses on the GAC site - please include all your relevant details with the entry.

Winners in Love

They say that if you're lucky in life, you tend to be unlucky in love, but what do they know anyway?

The following pupils have been garlanded in the recent competition on the theme of 'Love':


1st: Alisha Flouquet (Blanchelande, Year 8) - 'Let Me Be Your Coat' - £40

2nd: Ellie Le Messurier (Grammar School, Year 13) - 'Love' - £20

3rd: Joshua Datta (Elizabeth College, Year 11) - 'Future Imperfect' - £20

Commended - £10 each

- Joanna Gouveia Almieda (St Sampson's High, Y7) - 'Love'

- David Boucher (Elizabeth College, Year 11) - 'Death and Life'

- Peter Bourne (Elizabeth College, Year 11) – ‘Our Love Will Last Forever’

- Beth Brown (La Mare De Carteret High, Y11) - 'Vines'

- Jack Colley (Elizabeth College, Y10) - 'Burning Love'

- Emily McLaughlin (Blanchelande, Y9) - 'Time to Make a New Beginning'

- Oliver Thompson (Elizabeth College, Y13) - 'Midnight'

Well done to everyone who entered. All the poems above are on the site along with the rest of the shortlist - use the links on the right hand side of the page to find your poet. Thanks to the GP for another great article - I'll get a scan of it up in the next couple of days.

Wednesday, 1 May 2013

Shortlisted love poems

Look what the tide's dragged in... Yes, I've just published 30 poems - it's not every day that I can say that! These are the highlights of a large submission (more than 100 entries) for the latest competition. If you're interested in a particular poet, use the links on the right side of the page. Otherwise, have a browse - there's bitter, sweet, bitter-sweet and every other flavour in between... the winners will be announced by the Guernsey Press in the next week or two. I'm not decided on the next theme as yet - feel free to email a suggestion!

Thursday, 25 April 2013

Let Me Be Your Coat

Let me be your coat
To keep you nice and warm,
Let me be your needle
To stop you getting torn,
Let me be your book
To pore over my honest words,
Let me be your aviary
Where you keep your beautiful birds,
Let me be your diary,
Write the things you don’t want to say,
Let me be your angel
To guide you every day.
I could be anything
You want me to be,
But it will never change
What you mean to me.

by Alisha Flouquet

Monday, 25 March 2013


I fell in love the moment you looked at me,
Your piercing blue eyes poaching my heart.
You looked in to my soul and saw who I was.
As I in turn I watched your inner self
Our love is like the ocean deep and full of life
We have no secrets, we know no bounds
We break the rules we were given to follow.
As long as you are by my side
I shall not recognize fear as fright,
But as an old friend I know and love 
Because when you are with me my body yearns to fly
As our love takes flight to a world that is invisible.

by Victoria Chammings


I drove you away, it’s all my fault -
my heart yearns and aches for your attention.
You're the glory in my eyes, though you bought my life to a halt.
If I see you, my heart tightens up, a certain tension.
You talked to other women, you broke my heart.
But when we shared each other’s company, I will always remember.
When our love entwines it forms a kind of art.
My fondest memory was from mid November -
We shared hot chocolates and stayed close to keep warm
as delicate flakes of snow fell outside my window
We'd go for long romantic autumn walks at the break of dawn
as the sun came over the horizon mixing with the snow, it formed a rainbow
I want you to know one last thing before we part our ways -
you meant and still mean the world to me, I love you.
At the start it was a sunny day dream daze
but in my heart you were true.
I still very much love you.

by Sophie Creed

Time To Make A New Beginning

Take A Sketch And Draw My Life
Make A Stretch And We Will Be Alright
Give Gifts As I would do for You
My Love..

A New Beginning?

Play The Piano So Passionately
As I Would Sing The Song Affectionately
Look At Me Lovingly, So I Can See
That You Are My Love..

A New Beginning?

Herd Me So I Can Stay Close
Walk Along With Me By The Coast
Because Nothing Else Is Real, Except Love..
Stay With Me, My Love..

A New Beginning?

Now While I Walk.. You Are A Ghost
Just Before We Stood Still.. So Close
Now You Are Gone My Life Is Lost
You Dropped, Like Paper, So Soft..

Time to make a New Beginning...

by Emily McLaughlin

Eros and Agape

Your face, to me, a heavenly gift;
Your eyes the seductive, glint of stars,
Your nose the mushroom cap of nature,
Your cheeks, the rose garden, just for me,
Your lips, the supple peak of mountain,
Your hair, the swimming waves of the milky-way.
The love you bring to my heart, saves,
This wretched being, trapped within the caves,
Dark and dingy with minotaurs,
Until your beauty lit my hell,
To turn it into my paradise,
With soft swelling waves and golden sand,
Or rolling emerald hills,
With flower after flower,
And dainty pond after dainty pond.
May I never have to go back,
To my personal hell,
So, I ask you to "Marry me?"
For the world to just let us be,
Marry Me! 

by Erin Colfer

Let Me Be Your Group Of Friends

Let me be your group of friends
Better in than out.
Let me be your big Big Ben,
Chimes ringing through the drought.
Let me be your umbrella
Sheltering from the rain,
Let me be your sticking plaster
To help you through your pain.
You can be the olive branch and I the dove
Let me be your garden hose
To water your flowers with love.
Let me be your handbag
To carry your precious things.
I can blow your blues away
With every breath I bring.

by Hemu Khankashi


How can you understand me when I don’t understand myself?
I’m tired of living, but scared of dying
Even in my dreams
People think they know me, but never really do.

Death is one thing, but self-harming is another
It’s not that I want to die, it’s trying to survive
But the pain of the mind is worse than the pain of the body.
But I’m just trying to get through without falling

What’s the point in screaming? It’s not like anybody’s listening
I bleed just to know I’m alive, then I cry because I can’t tell the truth.
Then I cut again just to help my pain
I’m trying to hold this life until it’s through.

Self-harming is not for attention or for what you think
You won’t understand the pain I go through
The scars are for fights we have had with ourselves
But we have lost so well.
In a scarlet puddle I cry out my tears
Of the hurt that I’ve hid for years.

So why do you have the right
To cause me this pain tonight?

by Vicky Harris

The Puppy

I saw the puppy and fell in love
Like I fell in love with chocolate
When it looked at me its eyes
were as big as flying saucers.
It was as cute as a baby’s sock.

by Amarint Woudenberg

Wasting My Life

I would copy someone else’s rap
But I might fall into the trap...
Get done by the feds,
For taking some meds,
But I’m hiding them under my bed.
I’m gonna be taken to court,
Because of these drugs I bought.
I might be out on bail
If I’m not contained in jail.
I’m wasting my life,
I’m gonna pay the price.
I wanted a new beginning
But now my head is spinning.
I thought my life could amend,
But I guess that this is the end.

by Jordan Redwood

Beginnings of Love

Isn’t it strange that in such a short time that we’ve become so close?
And I trust that our love, our heart, our faith is what brought you to me.
Love is that amazing feeling when you meet someone, someone that you can
Carry on loving and they have the same care as you do for them.

If love isn’t a feeling then what is it?
Love is action, love is tolerance, and love is learning your partner’s love language, love is giving and love is receiving!
Love isn’t only about your love for one another. It’s also about your passion.
Your passion for something you love. It could be hobbies, sports, or a social life.

Spending time with your own family. Your family are people that are the closest to you since the day you were born no matter what happens through bad or good times.
They will always love and care for you.
They help you through really tough times, that you just need someone to talk to, someone to ask something about
And last but not least...someone to love!

by Sam Teed


Everyone has them, even you.
They coil and twist through bones.
Tightening with every hug, every kiss,
Every soothing word, from the people
Youre bound to miss.
For the vines grow and hiss,
Past memories of bliss, feeding these vines
Of soon to be forgotten times.

You want to slice and shake them away,
These feelings of the past minutes and days.
But yet we continually find them
Cropping into the present time
Blocking our way,
You only wish to avoid a nostalgic day.
And then someone arrives,
A stranger, a surprise.
Loosening the vines
That clench and cling
to your spine.
They lay on the floor
Youre free from the
past, once more.
To breathe in a new start.

Your mind has reached the next
Of accepting Father Time,
And the emotional
Of being.

By Beth Brown

Imagination and Reality

We imagine love as innocent beauty,
One without the other.
We imagine love as the original,
The original star-crossed lovers.

The love we hear in stories,
Is something we think as true.
In tales of courageous knights
And princesses of perfection.

Love is but the opposite,
Tears of woe; unworthy.
There is no such thing as brave knights, so bold.
The thing you hear in stories, untrue.

Reality is cruel.
So we think imaginary.
But no matter what we do,
The world will always win.

You have found your other pair.
You love is strong and tough.
Undressing your love for each other,
For one add one makes three.

You’re a mother,
He’s the father.
It’s a girl!
You think YOLO, he thought YOYO, S.

YOYO, S, you’re on your own, sorry.
You sit in the corner, a mother
on her own.
You understand the pain in hearts,
The pain you didn’t think you’d ever have.

So when your lover gives you lemons,
Which they always will,
Take them and make orange juice.
Leave them to wonder how you did it.

By Jessica Ellis

A beautiful text, a beautiful day

You’re in love...                                                          u don’t believe me do u?
You don’t feel it? Where everything feels right?
No  :/
You know exactly what I’m talking about, those elegant words, don’t you get
The touch, then feel a rush? It’s love.
                                                                 I don’t think so...
Doesn’t it feel like the clock handle is taking forever to move when he’s not around?
That heartache when he’s not there?
                                                                I don’t know what you’re talking about?
Behind him there is you. Your love will be the light to guide him
Through the darkness and the rough times...
                                                                    No it won’t  :/
The more you deny it, the more you’ll fall for him.
Your heart just skipped a beat didn’t it?
You felt a shiver down your spine... thinking maybe it’s true?
                                                                       You’re talking rubbish...
Don’t you feel envy when he’s with some other girl?
That feeling where your heart drops a tear
You over-think that maybe love is not in your destiny.
                                                                         But I don’t think he likes me in that way
You’ll know at 12...
                What because it’s Valentine’s Day? This only happens in movies...
Just minutes away...                                             
                                                                          This is so crazy...
I love you < 3

by Nafiza Rahman

Lost for Love

I look around and nobody is there,
No one to hold me, protect me,
I am all alone in this ice cold world,
I am lost for love,

I feel hollow, empty inside,
I have nobody here in my life,
Abandoned, neglected,
I am lost for love,

She left me on a frozen step,
All alone on that damp night,
Will I ever see her again?
I am lost for love,

I remember the day,
Like it was only yesterday,
That day she left me,
I am lost for love,

Now I am finding new love,
I no longer need her love,
I am no longer lost for love,
I am not lost for love, because love found me.

by Nanci Kelham

Death and Life

There wasn’t a time I witnessed a conversation.
The two I didn’t see talking were merely projections
That filled me with a certain realisation,
As water fills an infinitely empty cup, rejection
That I understood their meaning.
I perceived only two, yet both, collections
Of things that still are, and are now faded reflections.

There wasn’t a time when I witnessed these two,
The two I didn’t see talking, Death and Life.
And Life spoke unto Death, as river flows to ocean,
“Death? Why do people love me, but hate you?”
And Death replied, like knife edge’s collision,

“Because you are a beautiful lie
And I am a painful truth.”

by David Boucher

Our 'love' will last forever

My feelings for you are the weightlessness
of falling through a sky of chocolates, clich├ęd cards
and puppy dogs wrapped in ribbon, tumbling down
through ages of romantic gestures to land on a bed of roses.
So you tell me. So I believed. So go the fairytales.
Even now I feel the keen thorns of the rose
tearing my side as you once more make these promises of eternity.
Promises you can’t keep – that I wish you’d keep to yourself.
It’s obvious then, everything has to end.
I feel nothing for you but disgust and contempt.
Our time is long gone, on that I shan’t bend.
So why do I linger on this love that is dead?
It’s those promises that trap me with red, passionate ties
in a relationship built on the most widely believed lies.

by Peter Bourne


She looked toward him in honest yearning,
as she lay helpless on the kitchen floor.
Her face was strewn with tears, her cheek bloodied.
His back was turned, sweat glistening in the light.
Only silence could be heard in the room.
Both bodies, unmoving
as she reached up to wipe the tears from her face.
She couldn’t let him see her pain.
After all, she loved him, and there was nothing,
nothing, more important than that.

by Ellie Le Messurier

Amaranthine Love

He stroked the old wooden chest, sitting upon the gnarled planks of the attic floor, beneath a thick layer of dust,
He blew on the aged surface of the mahogany, polishing it with his fingers,
He lifted the lid, carefully, as if he needed a lifetime to come to terms with his actions,
He picked up the photograph lying innocently amid a pile of memories,
He looked at the crumpled card folded in his hand,
He watched her eyes sparkle with the adventure of a new day,
He stared at his own inquisitive eyes, yearning for an escapade,
He thought about those same eyes now, crippled with grief, anger, sorrow, regret...
He pondered how in only twenty years, things can change and people do change...
He gazed into the heart of the fire, the card’s corners curling, the image browning, the memories erasing...

by Lizzie Sanders


Burning passion,
crimson colours and the constant pain of knowing you
cannot win. A fight to the death with your own heart emulates the bitter coldness deep inside,
The fluster and panic of everyday life; of lost keys,
and missed trains can help you forget,
if only for a minute.
The solitude you feel is the worst.
Like a small, crisp, white daisy forced down by autumnal winds,
pushed around by thistles that have grown out of control.
Helpless. All hope has become unattainable.
Love is for two not one. We hear of the devoted attachment a couple has. Fairytale books of princes and princesses long forgotten are the members of the worst kind of love,
The walking wounded. The one sided affair.
And I am only too well allied with this kind of love.

by Raphael Gava and Ellis Oram


If I am the sun and you the light, shine with me.
If I am the rain and you the night, comfort me.

If you are the song and lyrics are strong, fall
for me... fall for me. Fall...

If your heart longs but never belongs,
come with me...

Be my music to my bars
with my love, that’s all I ask.

Always there, but never alone...
Never noticed but now known.

If I look away, I see you there.
Staring, but distanced, long, through the air.

If I am the treasure to your hunt,
Make it clear: is this for fun?

Used and broken... it’s hard to find.
But hopefully one day, you’ll fix mine!

by Jodie Wilson


After Khalvati

If I am the paper and you the fire, then burn me.
If I am the boat and you the sea, then anchor me.

If I am the seed and you the ground, let us grow
together, and become flourished forever.

If you’re the kite and I’m the wind, let us fly through
life as if it was the sky.

If I am the dog and you the bone, then bury me.
If I am the bacon and you the pan, let us sizzle.

If I am the flour and you the yeast, let us make
If I am the music and you the rhythm, let us

If I am the bee and you the pollen, let us make
If am the light and you the house, let us
shine bright.

If I am the bull and you the matador, let us fight.
If I am the cat and you the string, let us play.

If I am the horse and you the hound, let us hunt.
If I am the love and the heart, let us beat...

by Sofia Forino


As we sit in the dusky night
I clasp upon your hand so tight
Thinking of our future so bright,
As though love is our candlelight.

As pure and gentle as you are,
I’m strung just like a broken harp.
But still you mend my shattered heart:
No force will e’er tear us apart.

Can’t help but know the time is right,
Though hints of fear give me a fright.
Just then I look into your eyes,
And know love is our candlelight.

By Joanna Almeida


How a four letter word twists the strongest souls,
Tears the tiger from its claws, the eagle from its talons.
How the essence of love, made by trust to hope
Collapses, like a wall to a grenade, an animal to a gun
To the powers of deceit – hatred – fraud –
How its pain is only known to those
Who’ve suffered its ice cold grip, freezing in agony.
A bullet ripping through life, a never-ending persecution,
How an assumption of love, greatness, glory
Is crippled by the irony of truth, raped by reason,
How the false pretence, this propaganda of love
Destroys: an atom bomb, a force from above,

By Bertie Charman

Future Imperfect

Drown me in drink ‘cause I want to forget.
‘Cause I can’t don’t won’t do it when I can
Still think. Decide. Will it all be regrets?
Did she even look at me when I ran
Past her? Over her. Move onto another.
Wasn’t what I had in mind – but it’s late
And I don’t feel like a lover
Now. We’re doing it now. Don’t save the date.
I wouldn’t call it that word. More an act –
I mean, are you still really thinking? Now
That’s not how this works. This love is no fact.
You act like this is my first solemn vow.
You have to conform: how can I make plain
That what love is now is so much more sane.

By Joshua Datta


‘For you, my friend, a thousand times over.’
Your sacrifice eternal in my mind,
My thoughts and conscience devoured by closure
Lacking in lieu of your eternal kind.

The icy innocence with which I said
Those words, cold, but to a child’s ear seeming
Justified; yet my self-pity grew dead
Whilst age drew my redemption as dreaming.

His skin is flayed and cracked, your soul alive
Within him; his young eyes bear that same light
Turned on me now; I tilt the kite and dive
With his fervent applause, my guilt takes flight

Chasing his kite as it falls from the sky
‘For you, a thousand times over,’ I cry.

By Barney Thompson


And gentle cadences whistle,
Nestled by solitary trees;
Emerald leaves turn to brown
Whilst I keep walking, just me.

I’ve stripped the flowers
From this bush. All the time
Contemplating, crushing pink segments
Between fingertips.

“Your imagination runs wild”.
Young, they said this to me.
Old, the same panic.

And the gentle cadences whistle,
Nestled by solitary trees;
In bed, it seems, I see
Hands grasped together.

The path is now lit
And sepia seeps through,
Vibrant, blinding. We look,
Stare at each other.
At least we’ll walk together
“Your imagination runs wild”.

by Oli Thompson

Constantly Changing

Had we the power to control all time
We could spend it, together, as we please.
But as we stand, we hear the deaf’ning chime
Of the ticking clock, silent in the breeze.

But love’s not time’s fool for here we stand
Against the cold winds of old, new and now,
We may not have power to stop the sands
But we have the power to make time bow.

Let’s see the pyramids across the Nile
For we cannot delay to meet our fate.
Let’s see the sunrise in some tropic isle,
Let us now, as the silent time awaits.

Time is changing, time is a constant mark:
Love is changing, love can never be dark.

by Phil Sillars

Clasping at Sand

 Is love the rose petal in your heart?
Is love the gold in your wedding ring?
Is love when you cannot be drawn apart?
Is love when the birds rejoice and sing?

Is love the butterflies in your tummy?
Is love the goose bumps on your skin?
Is love when a daughter meets their mummy?
Is love when God forgives you for your sin?

Or is love so simple as time?
The time together, the time apart,
When we make time run, when we make time slow,
The pain when it’s time to depart.

As the sand slides softly through our grasp,
Let time slow as we tighten our clasp.

by Sam Simon


Disregard the rest
Tear your Sunday best
Smoke ‘til noon
Go home... soon

Teeth knock the glass
Of that beer bottle empty
Swing on the pavement
I’ll watch on

Kill the Mockingbird
Take me too
Ash on the floor
Slam of the door

by Theo Morgan